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About Us

Who are we?

We are an integrated consulting company offering various services and solutions to the Life Sciences community around the world. This company has been started by professionals from Pharma/Biotech industry and academia. Our motto is providing quality and innovative services.

Our Services

Our major services are

1) Data Management and Analytics Software Service

2) Business Consulting Services

3) Technology Consulting Services

Company Info

1) Type of company: Private Limited

2) Year of incorporation: 2009

3) Place of Registration: Telangana, India.

4) Governed by: Board of Directors

5) CEO: Vijay Gunasekaran

Software service

Our Software Product

We offer our software solution called  "e-BioData" which is a Data Management and Analytics tool for Biotech industry. This is offered to clients in Software as a Service (SaaS) model. This software can be used to enter all the RESEARCH or PRODUCTION data of clients electronically. The entered data can be analysed using tabular, graphical or statistical formats / techniques.

  1. žHighly domain specific
  2. žDesigned to accommodate any type of biotech research (Biopharma, Industrial Biotech, neutraceuticals etc)
  3. žTailored to suit each client’s operational needs
  4. žWeb based solution
  5. žCreated with inputs from industry experts
  6. žEvery function of Biotech industry covered (molecular biology, upstream, downstream, formulation, QC, QA)

Salient Features

  • žRegulated data storage
  • žSecured data
  • žEasy data analysis
  • žSecure and Flexible data access controls
  • žBetter inventory control
  • žžReduced equipment downtime
  • žSeamless information flow
  • Easy documentation
  • Scalable
  • Easy to use

Realised Advantages

  • Easy data recovery
  • Your data is never lost (no “re-inventing the wheel”)
  • Saves your Manager’s time
  • No worries about data safety
  • No expt is stopped due to unavailability of chemicals
  • Increased equipment productivity
  • Quick management decisions
  • Reports can be generated as required
  • No restrictions on users or data
  • No special training required to operate the software


Business Consulting

  1. Market Research
  2. Business Case 
  3. Project Reports
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Competitive Intelligence
  6. Funding arrangements
  7. Product / Service strategy
  8. Demand / Capacity planning
  9. Business partnership deals
  10. Marketing strategy
  11. HR Planning for the organization
  12. Employee training & improvement

Technology Consulting

  1. Technology sourcing
  2. Technology Evaluation
  3. Technology Transfer
  4. Scale-up
  5. Product sourcing
  6. R&D strategy
  7. Production strategy
  8. in-licensing and out-licensing deals
  9. Product development
  10. Production facility design
  11. cGMP, systems, Validation

Major Focus Areas

  1. Bio-pharmaceutical (Proteins, monoclonal Antibodies, Vaccines)
  2. Biosimilars
  3. Industrial Enzymes
  4. Probiotics
  5. Biofertilizers / Biopesticides
  6. Animal Vaccines
  7. Biofuels
  8. rDNA technology

Contact Us

For business enquiries

Reach us at

e-Bionary Technologies Pvt Ltd

2nd Floor, Green Channel Building, #6-3-634, Khairatabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India

email: ebionary@gmail.com